No matter how many stars you have, we are here to help parents and athletes navigate the complicated recruiting process.

Meet Alex

My name is Alex Molden. My wife and I are proud parents of 8 amazing children. I'm a former Collegiate All-American at the University of Oregon, a former 1st Round Draft Pick (11th) of the New Orleans Saints, played 8 years in the NFL (only 3% of players play 8+ years), High School football coach (11 years), Author, International Keynote Speaker, and Personal Development Coach.

When our oldest son decided that he wanted to play football at the collegiate level we were too late in the recruiting process to help him get an athletic scholarship. We didn’t know that there is a process that you need to take in order to attain a scholarship. I was still operating like it was the 1990’s. There are certain questions you need to ask your child in order to hold them accountable to their ambitions and dreams. But there are also questions you need to ask yourself as a parent.

By the time our 2nd child showed potential and commitment we were ready. My wife and I heard horror stories about parents spending $15,000-$20,000 per year on coaching, training, recruiting services, travel teams and clubs with little to show for their financial commitment.

The good news is that I eventually figured out this whole recruiting thing. There is a certain process that you need to take when it comes setting your child up for success.

  • Has your middle school son or daughter shown signs of excellence in their ability and sport?

  • Does your child show commitment in their sport and in the classroom?

  • Does your child have dreams of playing at the next level..and beyond?

  • Does your son/daughter need to become, quicker, stronger, and faster for their sport?

  • Are you feeling frustrated because the coach doesn't understand the recruitment process or doesn't offer help?

  • Not sure which showcase, camps/clinics, or teams to choose that can help your child standout?

  • Do you have a highlight reel but not sure if the quality, length, or diversity of skill is what College Coaches are looking for?

By joining the Scholarship Athlete Playbook Course

you will have...

  • A roadmap to helping your son or daughter be more proactive in their recruiting process.

    It's more than having a cool highlight reel!

  • A mental shift when it comes to showcasing your athletes abilities.

    No more guessing...feel confident when it's time to show out!

  • Leadership principles that will help them have more influence in the locker room.

    Understand the 10 influencers that will help them make better decisions.

  • Specific systems to help your son or daughter get faster, quicker, stronger, and more explosive.

    No more suffering with drills that are outdated...learn skills, not just drills!

  • An amazingly engaged community of ideal parents of athletes who are wanting the same thing as you...College paid for!

    A place where you can get valuable insights and answers to your toughest questions.

  • Follow along videos that teach speed, strength, agility, and explosiveness with skills, drills, and makes it REAL.

    No more Youtube videos from random people who claim to be guru's.

The Scholarship Athlete Mastermind

A monthly paid membership that includes

*Topics- Camps/Showcases to stay away from, campus "junior" day visits, scholarships at the DII level, coaching questions, strength development, PT's for injury prevention, etc.

-2x/month group zoom calls w/special guests (NIL experts, former/current coaches and players, media, etc.) -$197/month value

-The Scholarship Athlete Academy Private Membership Community Channel -$97/month value

-"The Ultimate Playbook for High Achievement" book - $20 value

The Scholarship Athlete Playbook

A paid 12-week hybrid course

-Online course (video's, action steps, homework & quizzes)

-Training videos (40 yard dash tips, shuttle run, increase vertical leap, functional training for power, mobility, stability and recovery tactics that can help you stay injury free)

-2x/month zoom calls (small group)

-1:1 "On boarding" zoom call

-Autographed copy of Alex's book, "The Ultimate Playbook for High Achievement"

-The Scholarship Athlete Academy Private Membership Community Channel - $97 value

-The Highlight Reel Reboot mini-course - $197 value

-1 FREE Month of the Scholarship Athlete Mastermind - $67 value



7th-8th grade athletes

1st Quarter

-Playing multiple sports Summer sport camps/clinics (building athleticism)

-Showing signs of athleticism/quick twitch

*Your child's success/lack of success doesn't indicate what kind of parent you are. But having an athlete who is coachable, respectful, a great teammate, mentally tough, resilient, and tries their best IS a direct reflection of your parenting.

9th-10th grade athletes

2nd Quarter

-Feeling frustrated because they're not on varsity (a minimal % of Freshmen play varsity)

-Feeling overwhelmed with school and sports.

-Feeling frustrated because of lack of physical development.

-Not having a solid grasp on how the recruiting world works.

-Pier group seems to be more motivated than most kids.

11th grade athletes

3rd Quarter

-Playing but might not be starting.

-Posting things on SM that shows their character that might negatively impact their recruiting.

-Starting but might not be putting up "huge" numbers.

-Thinking about transferring schools because of lack of playing time or playing out of position.

-Starting to see the mental and physical impact of "living" in the weightroom and working on skill development.

12th grade athletes

4th Quarter

-Entering senior year | played their sport during the summer | locked in on their top 1-2 sports.

-Took some visits or attended camps at select Universities.

-Has been in contact w/a couple of coaches.

-Taken their training, conditioning, academics to another level.

-Has a rating of ⭐️⭐️, ⭐️⭐️⭐️'s

Our approach to helping your athlete get a scholarship

Helping them be proactive in the recruitment process by being intentional with everything they do.

1:1 "On-boarding call" via zoom

A zoom call between you, your athlete and Alex. Here you will set goals, standards, and commitments.

Speed, Agility, Quickness, & Explosiveness tips

Skills and drills that are age appropriate and foundational. This way you will know exactly when and how to train for your specific sport.

Every other week Masterminds to give you and your child clarity

Weekly masterminds where you will learn frameworks of how to navigate the recruiting process, what camps & showcases are "money grabs", and what questions you should be asking coaches.

Highlight Reel Reboot

A well defined highlight reel can help you show off the skills and qualities needed to obtain an athletic scholarship. This is your first impression that you will make to a coach. Make sure you're highlighting multiple facets of your skills

Nutritional Tips

Tips to help you fuel your body for games and practices so that you will be at your best. Whether it's gaining or losing weight the right game plan can make all of the difference.

Social Media Training

Teaching your athlete how to use SM in a positive way can help them put their best foot forward. But also sharing the negative impact of too much SM.


Name, Image, and Likeness is a murky subject within the athletic community. It's important to build and own your brand. Who you are and the products that you could potentially represent along with knowing your value can help you financially.

Tiered programming

All programs are not built the same. There are certain obstacles that you and your athlete need to be aware of. Middle school athletes are in a different spot on the recruiting timeline than HS athletes.


The Scholarship Athlete Mastermind

Monthly payment. Cancel at anytime.


A monthly paid membership that includes:

-Group zoom calls w/Special guests (2x/month)- $197/month Value

-The Scholarship Athlete Academy Private Group Channel - $97/month Value

The Scholarship Athlete Playbook

1x payment.


A paid 12-week hybrid course

-Online course (video's, action steps, homework & quizzes)

-1:1 "On-boarding" zoom call (30 min.)

-2x/month zoom calls (small group)

-Highlight video evaluation (LIMITED TIME ONLY)

-A autographed copy of Alex's book, "The Ultimate Playbook for High Achievement"


Alex Molden is an exceptional athlete who overcame a devastating injury to star in the NFL. He is a captivating speaker who shares insights into leadership and motivation that can help you achieve success in any environment.

Mike Bellotti

Former Head Coach

Univ. of Oregon Football

If you are ready to achieve success as a student athlete, this course is a must have. Through his amazing experiences, Alex Molden, shares how to navigate the challenges facing you today and provides the best methods he used to help his athletes receive scholarships.

Doug Hix

Director of Development Coram Deo Academy

Alex provides a proactive game plan and bridges the gap; he brings consciousness to the process of finding your identity outside of sport, while highlighting how to articulate your experiences in sport.

Alex Balducci

Former NFL Player

Alex Molden is the epitome of learning and leadership. His ability to connect, motivate and inspire others, specifically student-athletes is remarkable. Although his accomplishments as an athlete and professional are elite, it is his heart for growth in his own life and the lives of others that make him world-class.

Henry Barrera

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

(Univ. of Alabama Men's Basketball)

I’ve known Alex for many years and for as great as an athlete he is, he’s a better person. Alex’s life experiences as a high-level college athlete, NFL player, husband, and father give him a unique perspective on the challenges that face athletes. After a successful NFL career, he has done a remarkable job using the power of sports to transition from professional athlete to speaker, author, and now coach. One goal we should all have is to be around highly successful individuals who are passionate about their craft and want to help people. Alex checks all those boxes.

Mike Yam

NFL Network anchor

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